Sunday, 13 November 2016

2016 Salmon Season - an improvement - BUT, oh for some water!

On the writing front, I know; I am an abject failure. Another entire salmon season has past and I haven't written a single syllable, let alone constructed a sentence!

But verily, I beseech thee - forgive me. I said I would fish and fish I most certainly did.  Ok I didn't fish SO much that I had no opportunity to write about it afterwards - the fact that I didn't put finger to key was just sheer laziness - but I did fish for salmon more than I did last season........but that wasn't hard!

I had my week on the Tay in April. It was very pleasant but there was no water. No fish; for anyone............ALL WEEK!! I fished Meikleour & Upper Islamouth for two days, Dalmarnock for a day and The Ericht for a day..................nothing. Myself and my chum were a bit miffed at the time, but soon got over it and we still thoroughly enjoyed our week. We met some nice people, drank whisky, visited a distillery and ate loads of lovely scoff. A long way to go for nothing I here you cry (assuming you know where I live - otherwise obviously that is the last thing you would cry as you have no idea if it was a long way or not. Neither would you care). Yes it was. Was it worth it? Yes it was.

The Tay is a lovely river and the valley through which it flows a wonderful place.

I didn't fish much at my usual river venue on the Taw. No water of which to speak all season. I think I ended up flogging the likely spots for about 3 days for nothing, and one of those was only half a day.

I did manage a couple of fish though - thus the improvement mentioned in the title of this summary.

A very kind invitation to fish the Usk came from the father of a friend. 1 fish - 15lbs. On that day I was fishing a floating line and a blue, black and silver tube.

Needless to say, the father of my friend is now my friend too!

A chum, Surgeon Rob, very kindly invited me to fish the Tamar this year too. The Tamar forms the boundary between Devon and Cornwall for much of its length, or England and Cornwall if you are Cornish, and we were fishing on the Endsleigh Club water, which is very famous and extremely beautiful.

I chose to fish my 12'4" 8wt and a SSVT line and had a fish of about 12lbs from Endsleigh Ford on beat 4. It took an Editor.

Excuse the rubbish picture but you try netting, releasing and photographing a fish all at the same time!

Here is a video too, which is even worse!

So there you are. Apart from the above outings my season was largely made up of work and more work. Two fish for my efforts represents a pretty good return I think.

ROLL ON 2017.............oh no hang on. I am wishing my time away again damn it all.