Saturday, 5 July 2014

Assess, Adapt and Overcome

Well dear reader mine, it has been a long sabbatical between posts hasn't it? My apologies.

"So what's new?" I hear you ask and, by way of response I would say.....................not a lot really!

Harry is growing up way too fast - although we have not taken him fishing properly as yet, not for fear of  his drowning you understand, but that of him drowning some poor unsuspecting old codger quietly going about his oft practiced angling business, either by Nerf shot to the temple or running head-butt to the groin - and he is now only one year from starting "big" school. 

On the fishing front, poor Vicky has not had the chance to come out with me on the few occasions that I have been, so little to report there. As for my part those few occasions have been a pretty even split between reservoir trout and river salmon fishing, with an unintentionally protracted session of night-time sea-trouting fishing thrown in for good measure. Actually that's a tale worth recounting............................

A busy day at work having been completed without issue, I repaired to my lodgings for the evening with a view to doing nothing more strenuous than having a light supper and a glass of chilled Chablis to wash it down. These tasks I also accomplished without issue or complication and, the night being young and the sun still up, a constitutional by the river was decided upon as a very agreeable digestive.

Being the keen angler that I am, Britain's roads seldom see me there upon without my 10ft sea trout rod in the car (between May and Sept anyway). On the occasion of my riverside perambulation I decided it should accompany me, sea trout fishing for the use of. The sun went down as I walked and, coming to my favourite pool, I decided to sit and await the night so as to try my luck. By 1am I had caught a lovely 1.5lb peal and a few minutes later I was back at the hotel. At the hotel, not IN the hotel you will note - for the door was unmoveable, fast, firmly shut and verily, locked............ergo I was buggered. I had no phone as there is no signal. There is no bell for summoning the night porter. There is no night porter. What to do?

I did have my car key and so into that (the car not the key - that would be impossible) I got. Actually I had my room key as well, but had failed to check there was a front door key with it, thus my predicament. Once in the motor I decided to have a nap and awoke one hour later surprisingly refreshed. Of course there is only one course of action that one can take in this situation i.e. awake, energised and 2 minutes from a river and that is to go back out there and fish on until dawn, which at 2:15am on a June day, isn't that far away. So that is what I did.

At 2:35, having got back into my waders and driven down the road, I was back on the river. This time I was on the lowest beat and fishing with great anticipation if not expectation.

It is amazing how quickly the recovery gleaned from an hour of sleep is nullified and otherwise exhausted when out and about, having had no other respite from said outing and abouting for 20 odd hours . By 3am I was fading fast!

First light came and with it the path of the rising sun was plotted. Just before the first rays threatened to appear and as the fly was twitched back under a tree, under which daylight had not yet reached.....BANG.....a good fish was on and shortly afterwards a 3.5lb sea trout was in the net.

And so you see - every cloud really does have a silver lining - even a cloud that keeps one from one's bed!