Sunday, 9 March 2014

The New Season Is Here!!

Well at long last, the new salmon season is upon us.  Actually I am quite lucky in that Wessex Water have decided to open their reservoirs early this year so there are two strings to the early season bow in this neck of the woods.

The last weekend of February saw me out on a very crowded Hawkridge Reservoir, standing shoulder to shoulder with all manner of sporting "gentlemen", in what can only be described as combat fishing a la USA style. Very disconcerting I can tell you!  Having said that, most of my fellow anglers were of a certain skill level and with a steely glare of determination and a well timed double haul, I was managing (sometimes!) to reach the parts that other casters cannot reach and consequently parts to which the fish had been driven by the maelstrom of foam whipping and water thrashing going on in the first 45ft of marginal water. As a result of this, and a goodly slice of luck, I managed three fish in  relatively short order and was away from the melee before you could say "look at that lucky chap - hasn't he done well"!

That's the trout season started then. Mind you, river trout don't open until 15th March and that is the real start to the season.

"What of salmon and their season?" I hear you cry............well actually of course I don't, but I am certain you will be asking that, or at least be curious. Ok so you couldn't care less - but I will tell you anyway.

This past weekend, the one that started on 1st March, was the start of the salmon fishing season here in the West Country. The river Taw has spent an energetic couple of months flirting with the surrounding fields, but was at last back within its banks. Because of the level though, I decided to have a go on the upper river at The Fox & Hounds, just for a change. Interestingly the water temperature was 9 degrees and so there was every chance that fish had progressed up river, even beyond the weir at Eggesford.

Well for all my efforts I caught no salmon. But it was really great, cathartic even, to be on a river again swinging a salmon fly through some likely spots and the experience has thoroughly spurred me on. I will do more this season. I will.

Here then is hoping for a great season, and the tightest of lines to all.

Chin chin