Thursday, 18 April 2013

Update and Apology

Well. Since my last post we have moved house......again. Harry is getting very mobile now and was in danger of becoming a statistic courtesy of the main road just outside our front door. The village we have moved to is not far from whence we came, but is quiet and the house is opposite an excellent school, so that's a bonus. It is, however, no closer to any decent rivers! Never mind.

I must apologise for not posting anything recently. This is partly because of the aforementioned move  and partly because I am lazy and couldn't be arsed. My apology however is sincere and my contrition knows no bounds.......!!

Plus I haven't been fishing.

Actually that's not entirely true. I went to Blagdon once about three weeks ago. My mates Alex and Rob were there. Nice lads - very keen; youthful enthusiasm I seem to recall it is called. Bless.... 

Anyway the wind was firmly in the east, the reservoir was over full, the water was only 5 degrees and the air temperature the same. All in all, therefore, ergo and in short..........a rubbish day to go fishing! Caught nothing. The fish were way out in the deeper water as the margins were still freezing and because we were casting over what would normally be where we stand, we just couldn't get out to them comfortably - not that particular day with the force 10 brain freezing, finger numbing gale going on at any rate. If it had been a calmer day then a boat could have been taken out, or at least the long cast needed from the bank would've been made easier. Still a calm day it was not and nothing was caught.

Great to be out though.