Saturday, 29 December 2012


It is raining very hard here in Somerset. It has been doing so for a couple of days now. The ground was saturated already so this lot has just flooded all the rivers in short order.

There will be no fishing for a while on the Levels for pike and grayling fishers trying their luck on The Exe are doomed to failure as there is just too much water.

Shame really. I quite fancied a bash at the grayling. Not to be put off I went north west and tried the Irfon at Llangammarch Wells. Still a lot of water, but at least it was running clear. I got back today having caught nothing except an out of season brownie, that still managed a great scrap and would have been around the 1lb 8oz mark, so a real cracker.

I also got very wet.

Any way not to worry. It was great fun.